Galapagos Duck

Galapagos Duck

at Royal Theatre, Quirindi on Friday 25 May
Live 5-piece jazz performance starting from 8 pm.


Galapagos Duck are considered one of Australias best known jazz bands and have around since 1969 and are still active today.

Based in Sydney Australia, the Galapagos Duck have toured extensively all throughout Australia visiting the capital cities on many occasions and performing frequently in country areas including the remote areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The band have also performed internationally numerous Jazz festivals in countries such as England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.

The band has worked and continues to work in Concert Halls, Night Clubs, at Jazz Festivals, in the Recording Studio, and on Radio and Television.

Although the membership has changed, of necessity, the direction of the band has always remained the same and that is to create a performance experience that while jazz oriented is able to be appreciated and enjoyed by everybody.


Tickets available here:

and at the event:
Adult – $30; Concussion – $20

More details available via Facebook Event:


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